Social Media and Gaming

“Gamers are loners.”, “Gaming is not social.”, “Everything was better in the past.”
In the old days, when kids went to the arcade, they went with friends. These days, kids lock themselves in their rooms alone with their gaming device. That isn’t social, or is it?

Sony and Microsoft don’t agree with these statements. Their latest products, respectively the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, have social media integrated. They blend the online and offline world. For example, when a friend finds a legendary item while playing ‘single player’, the position of this item appears on your single player map too.
While playing a videogame you can also stream your gameplay live. This way your friends can watch you play and via their headsets they can interact with you. There’s even the possibility to aid your friend while using your tablet or phone. (Hunt 2013)

You could say console gamers are finally catching up with PC gamers on the social aspect. Failbetter Games, for example, is pulling people in socially long before Sony and Microsoft did. Failbetter creates unique interactive stories, like Fallen London, “which could be best described as a sort of choose your own adventure story in which you play alongside Facebook and Twitter friends, asking them for help”. (Harper 2013)

Moreover, the crowd-funding website Kickstarter lets both big and small game developers fund their game ideas. This really changes the gaming industry, because fans spread the word themselves via Twitter instead of the developer marketing their games via traditional media. (Harper 2013)

There are countless communities where people spread their love for gaming. People interacting, collaborating and sharing. Building new relationships, maintaining them, even ending some.
It’s like people are all around you, but are they really? Is it the same as having a real person standing next to you, breathing? What is the difference? Do you think people are less social because of these changes in gaming that are supposed to make it more social?

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Smartwatches are taking over!

The first digital watches were introduced in the 1970ies and almost put conventional watches out of business back then. This eventually was postponed until the 1990ies. Samsung introduced its first smartwatch in 1999.

Today, Oktober 2015, Samsung has just introduced its Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch. This impressed a lot of technicians, because this was a big innovation in the field of smartwatches, especially for Samsung, who didn’t make very much impression in this area the last few years. has got the chance to try the sports version of the new smartwatch from Samsung. It is not a nerdy gadget, because it isn’t that big and therefore doesn’t stand out. This ensures this new smartwatch from Samsung to be miles ahead of the old Samsung smartwatch, which was enormous, ugly and it barely functioned. The quality of the new watch is a lot better and the rubber band is comfortable.

The watch can be controlled by a circle around the screen. With every click, you switch apps or screens. This makes this watch directly understandable, in contrast to the Apple smartwatch which is pretty difficult to understand.

The most outstanding characteristic is actually invisible: in contrast to other, former Samsung smartwatches, this watch is also functioning in combination with Android-smartphones from other manufacturers. This makes this watch more attractive to other Android-users, who don’t use Samsung. I think this is a very smart move, which would definitely raise sales.

Watch the video below to get a better idea of how this smartwatch works.

After reading this information about the new Samsung watch, would you consider buying one? It is clear that the smartwatches nowadays are only getting better and that this is the smartphone of the future. Do you think that smartwatches really are going to replace smartphones eventually? I would like to hear your opinion about it!

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“Nobody takes in life unless it comes through their smartphone”

So the other day I was just browsing around on YouTube when I came across this video. Some of you might know this man.

The guy being interviewed is Louis C.K. He’s a quite popular stand-up comedian and actor from the US.
Although he is known to be very cynical and ‘always hates life’ I think he does have a point.

Take for example a concert. You might have experienced this yourself. You see thousands of people photographing and filming during the entire concert, but how often did they (or yourself) actually watch the video? Besides lots of those ‘events’ people film and photograph will have a much better video that will be released and produced by professionals. So why do we do this?

Is it really that important to let other people know what we are up to?
Do we do this to boost our own ego by saying; look at me! Look were I’ve been!

Another comment on this perspective by the same Louis C.K. (and sharing some other thoughts on life in combination with smartphones)

P.S. Excuse me for his language 😉