About the blog. This blog is created for the course Social Media and Social Networks at the Erasmus University. We hope to co-create a platform to discuss real-world examples and illustrations of up-to-date applications of how customers and firms use social media and social networks. The posts will include our thoughts of the readings from both academic and business practices.

About the course. Over the past decade, social computing or Web 2.0 technologies, such as blogs, wikis, content management tools, and social networking systems, have moved from being technical curiosities to being tools used in mainstream business practice. Across a variety of industries, firms are increasingly considering how they can use and profit from the development of these technologies. However, their distinctive nature gives rise to many issues different from those encountered when developing and managing traditional information technologies. In this course, we review concepts and principles related to new business models supported by innovative use of Web 2.0 and social media. Through a combination of readings, discussion, case analyses, presentations, and hands-on projects, we will examine (1) the characteristics and organizational use of key social media technologies such as blogs, wikis, web analytics, search engine optimization, open source software projects, and social network sites, (2) the business models underlying successful innovative new media ventures including Facebook, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, and Twitter, (3) the promise and challenges of using social media technologies for collaboration, innovation, marketing, and advertising, (4) approaches that firms can use to deploy, evaluate, and manage these technologies, and (5) applications of social network analysis in areas such as information retrieval, social media, and organizational behaviour.

Contact. For any information about the blog, please contact: Ting Li (tli@rsm.nl)


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