Waze, Driving Socially


Waze is a navigation app that crowd-sources its information from other users. This makes the app a reliable component in traffic. Waze constantly updates their users with updates and notifications about traffic jams and accidents that could slow you down in real time. Waze is also better at rerouting drivers to avoid congestion than google maps. Waze’s design is fun, with quirkier icons. What also makes Waze fun is that you can link your Waze app with Facebook giving you the option to map out your friends on the road. Because Waze has amusing icons and symbols it makes it enjoyable.
Waze engages people to help change the maps. Waze has an active community of Waze map editors working constantly to improve and update the maps. Also a nice feature Waze has added is that is shows you where you can fill up gas at the cheapest station. So you can save money on gas.

I myself have used Waze, I have it on my phone because with tom-tom you don’t get the real-time updates about what is happening in traffic. With this real-time updates I can get quicker to my destination. With Waze you can actually see cars driving and mentioning what is happening on the road.
What I also like is that Waze has a Facebook page, Instagram, twitter and google+. This way Waze stays with its users even off the road.
This is a great way to use social media not only to share video’s and photo’s, but information that others can use in order to get home safe and easy.
Google has bought Waze, and is now integrating Waze feed into google maps. It is said if you want an app purely for driving, then Waze is the way to go. If you want an app where you can switch from driving to other sorts of transportation then google maps is the better option.
Do you use Waze? Which app would you prefer, Waze or Google Maps?



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