It’s all fake

Recently a 19-year old Australian model Essena O’Neill stopped with social media. She didn’t just quit she also confessed that it’s all fake and that it makes people depressive. She used to earn 2000 dollars per photo but it wasn’t everything that she wanted.

This is what she said

”I had everything, but i have never felt so miserable in my entire life. Everything I did was about likers and followers”

She changed her Instagram captions now with some real life thoughts that occured during the making of the pictures.

Op haar Instagram-account plaatste Essena ontnuchterend commentaar bij haar foto's.

Her action became a huge hit on social media and was seen on almost every social media platform.

This begs a lot of questions: Does social media make people miserable about themselves? Should social media be more safer for people with insecurity issues?

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1 thought on “It’s all fake

  1. Essena was very bold to confess these brutal realities to the public audience!
    I don’t social media can make people feel miserable about themselves. I believe it is the way you look at things. By looking at models pictures on social media, you can either feel insecure about yourself or take this as a motivation to do some exercise and be healthy.
    Young girls nowadays should be taught at an early stage in school about these realities and should be made aware that there is indeed more to life than gaining more followers or likes on social media platforms.

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