Digital marketing trends 2015: did it come true?

Earlier this year, I ran into a blog post on a website. This post was all about online and digital marketing and what the trends for 2015 would be. Of course, a big advantage of digital advertising is the possibility to share on social media platforms, which increases attention. It is thus very important for contemporary companies to follow these trends, so that they are not competed out of the market by competitors who do use these new techniques. I would like to discuss this article and kindly ask you, my readers, did these trends come true this year? Or do you think these trends are going to be more important next year?

Hereby, a selection of the most important advertising trends and some interesting examples.

1. Transparency
Companies have to give their customers a ‘realtime peek’ into their businesses, to give people a relevant experience. A great example of transparency is a ‘’behind the scenes’’ movie, hereby an example of a Vistaprint movie.

2. Realtime marketing becomes local
Because of social media, consumers are more volatile than ever. For companies, it is important to be able to make use of certain events right away, instead of planning marketing actions months before. More and more tools make realtime marketing possible, such as this cool asset sharing tool:

3. Human advertising
Review marketing becomes human advertising, consumers determine the message of a company. Instead of collecting reviews, companies are given the ability to respond directly to customer recommendations. Companies can reach their public any time, based on the newest review posts. See this video of Rivvur:

4. E-mail marketing
A lot of consumers would definitely say that e-mail marketing is not a good way of advertising, because they find this really annoying. Marketers believe otherwise, because the one-on-one contact with consumers is valuable. With the help of new tools and smart customer data, customer behavior can be used to send targeted e-mails.

For me, transparent companies are very interesting. I like to see something from within the company and I’ve seen this a lot in 2015. I’m very interested in your opinions and maybe some additions. I haven’t mentioned all the trends, but I think the upper mentioned trends are the most important.


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