Debates and arguments on social media?

A recently published article on Gizmodo discusses the idea behind the platforms that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter create for millions of users. A space for free discussion and constructive criticism.

A new report from Pew Research investigated why many people remain silent on social media platforms, even silent with family and friends, and they found that many people don’t think their views are widely shared. Instead, rather unique and most users both online and offline rather not argue their points and try to prove why they are right. The research also found that people were less likely to share their opinions online rather than in person with other people who also shared their opinions on a particular topic.

Another interesting finding that this article presents is that Facebook and Twitter is powered by algorithms that are designed to “feed us news that aligns with what we want to see and hear”. Do you find yourself often intrigued by posts you see on your Facebook news feed? Or notice that you usually see posts that your Facebook friends are posting that you would also be interested in?

Whether it’s for us to click on, read, or share, many videos and articles are easily visible on social media platforms as that is what most people spend their time reading on Facebook. What was opinion based content, such as posting statuses, is now including content from third-person parties.

Do you find yourself agreeing with the news or articles you read on Facebook? Or even more interesting, do you find yourself agreeing or disagreeing with the opinions and comments of others in regards to the issues and topics being discussed? Are you more willing to share your thoughts on social media vs. face-to-face discussions?



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