Anti-social network

Creating a network, but using only social media. I don’t know if it is good development for the latest generation and therefor I post this video from Youtube about someone who disagree with it and brings up some strong and less strong arguments from his point of view.

Are the friends you have on platforms as Facebook also your real life friends and can you always trust them? I don’t think so, while the friends I have in real life will do anything for me, I think that Facebook is a place where everybody have hundreds of friends, but these aren’t always the best friends. The man in the video is clearly explaining that some people are friendless instead of having a long friend list on Facebook and think they are very popular.

I do not agree with everything he says, but I think that his main goal of this video is right. The youth of nowadays isn’t always aware of the effect of social media and that’s why this generation has to be warned for this effect. Do you agree?


One thought on “Anti-social network

  1. I do agree with most of what the man in the video is preaching about. Especially his thoughts on the average attention span of a young adult today, which is apparently one second than a gold fish. As ridiculous as that sounds, I am not surprised if it is absolutely true. I find myself wandering off in my thoughts constantly, and reaching out to my phone even if there is no new text, notification or chat. Another aspect of the video I agree with is his comments on how ADD is on the rise. If this generation is glued to their phone, spends most of their time interacting using a device and goes to bed with their phone right next to them, then they are never disconnected.

    That creates space for people to rely on their phone and the media stimulation that they are craving when they are not using their phone, laptop or tablet. With the exception of a few things he said, such as his thoughts on spending too much time on your phone when you are alone. I think devices should be put away when you are in the presence of your friends and family but not too hurtful when you are using your phone when you are alone.

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