Social media influences the Business-to-Business market

We know that social media has a big impact on our dayly life and that businesses are trying to effect our behaviour. The minor was only focusing on this subject and how to connect with other people and the creation of a social network. The thing is, that we didn’t focus on the B2B market and that is what this blog is about. The B2B market is a big market and a lot money traveling through this market. That’s why I found it necessary to give some facts about this subject. Apparently there is more influence in this market than we think.


An infographic, made by a website about B2B marketing, tells me this:

  • The most used social platform is LinkedIn and this is not a big surprise for me
  • We see that LinkedIn is also generating most revenue, so it isn’t strange that this platform is used the most.
  • A bigger surprise is the use of video to contact other businesses. I would expect that written information would be used much more than video.
  • Besides, after we saw that LinkedIn is the most used platform, for brand awareness Twitter is the best social platform to act on. I expected that Twitter is a helpful platform in the B2C market, but I didn’t think that it is also very important in the B2B market.
  • More than half of the questioned businesses think that social is not very important in the B2B market.
  • The last surprising fact is that only 27% of the experts in a company place posts on social channels. I think that these people, who know the most of the company, will be better in reaching other companies than other and that they must post more. They have a lot of experience with the company and they are involved with almost everything that happens.

Apparently, social media has a lot of influence in this market too. What I’m wondering is the informality of social media and the connection with the B2B market. Isn’t it better to communicate only using more formal ways, like mail or via phone conversations?


–, 29 October 2014


One thought on “Social media influences the Business-to-Business market

  1. I do think that all social networks (so including twitter) are useful to create brand awareness. Not only is Twitter being used on the B2C-market, it can also be important for the B2B market. If iI would see some information on Twitter as a consumer about a company, I’ll most likely use this information in other situations as well. For example if I would work for a company I could share the information I encountered.

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