Message in a Bottle is the new social media app

It is called Fling and the app send photos and videos to 50 random people around the globe.

What is Fling?

  • Fling shares photos, videos and text messages with 50 random people.
  • When a user ‘flings’ a message, they have no idea where it will end up.
  • If the recipient likes the fling, they can reply and start a conversation.
  • No personal details are shared, other than usernames and general location.
  • But users of the free app can share phone numbers and other details.

So is this the new version of throwing a bottle in the sea and just wait and see who will find and respond to it? You can compare fling with Chatroutlette and Snapchat. You can captioned your pictures and videos to explain where they are, or what is happening.

After taking the picture or video and captioning it, you will send the message to 50 random Fling users around the world. The recipients can reply and start a conversation by double-tapping on the flings they like. No personal details are shared with recipients, other than their Fling username and general location, but the users can share phone numbers and other details if they want to.

Fling said 93.5 per cent of users who engage in a conversation come back to the app within the week, with active users on average returning to app 14 times each day. ‘Fling is restructuring the messaging complex and opening the doors to those who are bored of cluttered social news feeds with photos and messages from people they already know – having a thirst to widen their sharing and connect with people outside the country they’re in’ said the developers. ’No longer limited to what your friends are up to, or boasting about, Fling is the modern day “message in bottle”.

So will “traditional” social media get competition from apps like fling? Are people looking for new ways of interacting with random people? Or is it all just a hype…



2 thoughts on “Message in a Bottle is the new social media app

  1. I think Fling is a nice app to use besides the other apps like Facebook, whatsapp and snapchat.

    I think it is realy nice to get pictures from everywhere in the world, and offcourse it is nice to start, after seeing the picture, a conversation.
    So i think it is a nice app to have but not a replacement for the big social media apps like Facebook and whatsapp.

    I will defenitely give it a try!

  2. I don’t think that Fling is going to be a serious competitor of ‘traditional’ social media. In my opinion Fling is a hype, just as Tinder. At the beginning people like the idea of interacting with strangers, but at the end they get bored. This is the difference between these apps and the traditional apps, because in the end you never get bored of your friends.
    I disagree with you saying that Fling can be compared to Snapchat, because on Fling you send pictures to random people and on Snapchat you send pictures to your friends.

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