Whatsapp lost 230 million dollar in first half 2014

Whatsapp, in the first half of 2014 they lost 230 million dollar. Their sales volume was only 10 million dollars. Being a free app without any advertisments made Whatsapp an app without any revenues. But they have many employees who have to been paid and that’s the reason why they lost this amount of money.

But then a interesting question is rising in my opinion. If Whatsapp is losing money, it’s a free app without any possibilities to earn money (maybe ads, but they’re not going to introduce ads on Whatsapp), why does Facebook paid 19 billions dollars for this app?

Well, the answer is difficult, I found an article where is said that Facebook bought Whatsapp to have the 600 million users of Whatsapp in the ”Facebook group”. Facebook is losing users for different reasons and by buying Whatsapp they try to get those lost users back in their hands. In other articles I read that Facebook is never going to earn that 19 billions back, but that’s not the reason why they bought Whatsapp. The reason is that they saw in Whatsapp a big rival as a messenger app. By buying Whatsapp they got the total control over them and can do with them what they want.

But if it’s smart to buy Whatsapp, we will never know. Losing 230 million dollar in half a year is a lot of money, on the other hand when we look at the earnings of facebook, they made 806 millions of dollar profit in the third quarter of 2014, 806 million in three months!
Facebook can have that 230 million loss…

To be continued..








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