Would You pay for YouTube?!

Nowadays everybody is using YouTube.

The latest news from YouTube is that half of all the viewed YouTube video’s are viewed on mobile devices, for example smartphones and tablets.
In total their are a billion visitors a month on YouTube.
But YouTube has a “little” problem, how to get money?

Off course there are adds on the website, but using a mobile device most of these adds are not showed.
Also using a Apple device most of the commercial video’s in the first few seconds will not be showed.

The latest news is that YouTube is searching for a way to get monthly income.
Most probably is that they will act like Spotify: pay a monthly amount for using it.

If YouTube will introduce monthly payments, will you still use it? Or do you think it will be the start of a big decline of monthly visitors of YouTube?



One thought on “Would You pay for YouTube?!

  1. I think that if YouTube asks money from their visitors it will be the start of a big decline of visitors. There are other video service providers (Flickr, DailyMotion etc.) that are free and they will grow when YouTube starts asking money from their visitors. To be honest, I would never pay for YouTube, although I use it almost every day but I don’t feel paying for it.

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