Anonymous chat app ‘Rooms’

Social media as Facebook is improving its use for users, but also for advertising companies, all the time. New features and new lay-outs are added by the organizations, to provide an easier use and give the users more possibilities. I think that sometimes these organizations just have to keep their social media as it is and it’s not always necessary to change.

On the website I found an article about a new feature of Facebook. The feature is called ‘Rooms’, which combines the idea of traditional chatrooms with modern smartphones conveniences. The idea is to create rooms where people can communicate with others about a given subject. The rooms can be open, but also invite-only. The host of the group is able to change the lay-out and all other things in this particular room, so it’s a website of its own and you can compare it with a website as

This new idea of Facebook is that you’re able to sign in for this feature without having an account on Facebook, so that it is really anonymous. But the article also said that if you use the same email account for Facebook and ‘Rooms’, Facebook is able to connect these two, which makes it less anonymous I think.

‘Rooms’cannot be called a social media. It is a place where you can connect with others, but without creating a network, because you have no idea to whom you are talking about a given subject. I would call this a forum and it hasn’t anything to do with the normal activities of Facebook.

The question is: Is it really necessary to change? The organizations can also satisfy people with keeping the same for a while.

References:, 24 October 2014, 24 October 2014


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