Dell on social media

Nowadays, social media plays an important role in our daily life. Therefore, B2B (business to business) related company are more interested in doing marketing promotion by using social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

Recently, I read a successful business marketing case about Dell. Dell not only operates in B2B market, but also operates in B2C (business to customer) market, and it is famous for its low operation cost. So, they decide to use social media, which is the cheapest and more creative way to access to their customers. They use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many other social media to do promotion. Dell uses social media to listen, learn and engage with our customers. They join customers’ discussions, instead of just observe them. Dell joins the conversations every day, which could get better understanding of consumers’ needs. So that Dell could be able to deliver the specialized products and customized services to customers.

In my opinion, company should not rely on social media too much in the long term. Because, viruses cannot be controlled. Once viruses enter into social media, the brand image and reputation would be damaged. At the meantime, competitors will catch the chance to hacker and spread negative words. So that, people will begin to lose the trust on that company. Furthermore, some people like me always feel the online promotion sales are always difficult to participate. Sometimes, we restrict by bugs, time. And sometimes, we feel uncomfortable in payment. Lastly, those company who mainly focus on online marketing are easy to lose the group of people who seldom use social media.

So, how company win the trust from the people who seldom use social media? And how company deal with those drawbacks (such as viruses) of social media?



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