What influences our download behavior?

After reading this weeks literature, and especially “For Mobile Devices, Think Apps, Not Ads” by Sunil Gupta, I asked myself how to attract consumers to download/purchase apps? The article suggests that mobile usage increases and the best way to reach people is to develop an app instead of spamming consumers with display ads.

So I started searching and came across several websites. They mostly talk about the same tips, which should increase app awareness and downloads, namely:

  • App description; use keywords and publish in common languages
  • Get sponsorship in order to market your app
  • Create a website, which explains the app in detail
  • Publish videos about the usage
  • Submit it to review sites
  • Promote your app on social media platforms
  • Blog about your app

Then I thought about my own behaviour and I have to say that none of those tips actually result in downloading an app. I just have a few apps on my phone, and I downloaded most of them because of recommendations by friends or because I used the service already through my computer, e.g. dictionary.

So I want to know whether I am just an exception or if your behavior is similar? Do you read app descriptions or reviews on the Internet and download the app afterwards? Do you check the app charts and download the most famous ones?






One thought on “What influences our download behavior?

  1. Absolutely! Before I download an app on my phone, I first read the app description and then spend a good amount of time reading the reviews, perhaps even replying to some, and only then do I decide to download the app or not.
    Sometimes it is also interesting to take a look at the app charts and see which ones are the most popular ones. I feel, however, that the majority of most downloaded apps are game related, which honestly, is something I still do not fully understand. If I think about the world’s population using smartphones, it also comes to mind all the people who work a nine-to-five job, with families and loads of responsibilities. So, I truly do not understand where all these people find time to play Candy Crush, for example, or Pou, which, in my humble opinion does not lead to anything productive after all. I am aware of our human needs to relax and engage in ‘fun’ activities, but what is really surprising to me is the popularity of the most silly game apps.
    Although the author has a point when it comes to increasing app awareness and download, I personally believe there is no such ‘formula’ to success. I believe there are other variables to the equation that we yet have to understand.

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