Availeble to all

While privacy is a n often discussed subject of the internet revolution I would like to talk about another exciting development that comes from the internet: education. The last two blogs I talked about awareness, awareness of the online image you can build and also personal body information that we are likely to give away. But this time I want to look to the opportunity that lies ahead of us. An opportunity to make the world more equal and to share information with more people at the same time.

Internet is not something new it already exists for a long period of time but with the latest changes in the technology more and more people were able to benefit from the internet. The use of internet started to grow exponentially from the ‘90’s. Now a days most of the people have the ability to benefit from all the open sources of information worldwide. At the moment 38,8% (2749 million people) of the world is connected with the internet but this is not divided equally, but they expect this to change and become 90% of connected people in the year 2020.

Imagine the possibilities if 90% of the world would be connected with the internet. This could cause a big change in the life’s of millions of people. We could provide more people with education than ever before just from our own home to people thousand miles away. Mark Zuckerberg believes that the internet becomes just a basic need like access to water from now on so he wants to make the internet affordable to the entire world and I agree with him.

So imagine that you can educate and help a young woman in for instance Africa from your own home by this internet connection, wouldn’t this be great? That would mean that we can support each other with knowledge more than ever before and that more people get more access to basic information.
I love the idea that giving help becomes more effective, that we can reach way more people and that it’s not just for some. Just like Peter Norvig that created already a classroom for 100000 students just by the internet, an amazing experiment that we can bring to the next level if 90% of the world population is connected. I see a lot of new opportunities and creative innovations that are possible by this amazing change!

What kind of amazing options do you see for 2020 with the growth of internet to help the world?
And do you believe that the world is becoming more equal if everyone had access to the internet?




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