The Innovation of Loneliness

After reading the Facebook case I was curious what Facebook does to us. And then I saw this clip on After watching this, I did some more research and found another video on Youtube. Here they said you can only have a maximum of a 150 real life friends. So I went to Facebook and I saw most of my friends have a 500+ amount of friends. What do we do with the other 350 friens, what’s in it for them? And why do we have them. Are we trading conversation for connection? We claim to have many friends but aren’t we just lonely? So we are not building true friendship online but rather do personal promotion.

We’re expecting more from technology and less from each other. Social media is presenting us three satisfying fantasies: We can put our attention where ever we want it to be, we will always be heard and that we never have to be lonely again. And that last one is the biggest problem. Are we faking experiences so that we have something to share?


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