Islamic State social media strategy

We all heard the horrible news about the beheadings of the two American journalist James Foley and Steven Sotloff by the terrorist organisation IS. They posted the horrible videos on social media websites to scare whole the world with those videos. 

But the problem starts earlier in this process. All the people who fight for IS are for a big part recruited through social media. The IS has a whole social media strategy team who is leaded by Ahmad Abousamra. Through social media they can reach the whole world and they try to convince innocent young muslism from all over the world to come fight with them in Irak to create an Islamic State. 

Not very long ago the social media didn’t exist and the only way to be recruited for this kind of terrorist groups was with mouth to mouth recruiting by Islamic preachers. But nowadays they post video messages at social media to persuade people to come to Irak and fight with them. And it works, and it comes very close to us. I read that a dutch guy was the leader of the Islamic State jail where James Foley was locked. Also I heard in the news that people from The Hague, the city where I live, are fighting with the jihad.. Scary!

In this video they show how IS use social media: 

It scares me to see how close it comes to us, someone who lives in my street can maybe leave to fight with them in Irak! Isn’t that scary? 

And how can we solve this problem? Is the responsibility in hands of the large social media platform as Facebook and Twitter or does the governments from the countries have to do something to stop the social media recruiting by IS? 

I would like to hear your opinion about it! 

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One thought on “Islamic State social media strategy

  1. First of all, I think also that it’s very scary, but also dangerous, that people in our surroundings leave the country to fight with the IS. I’ve also heard that many people already have left the Netherlands to fight in Iraq which also applies to many other countries. I think it’s very good that those people are no longer accepted in these countries.

    Now, I think indeed that social media definitely plays a major role in this case, because thanks to social media the IS can spread all their videos and threats, but they can also attract and convince people to join. If there was no social media, it was much more difficult for the IS to reach people and countries and then the IS would probably had fewer supporters.

    But in my opinion it’s difficult to say that the responsibility is in the hands of the social media platform, because the social media and the internet has developed over time and nobody has expected years ago that in the future social media could be negative or dangerous. However, I do think that the government from countries have to do something to stop those social media posts from IS. For example, they could filter those posts/messages because the police can track threatening tweets. But here the problem is that not everybody uses his/her real name on the Internet, so tracking could be difficult.

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