Facebook is watching you

Facebook Messenger

Nowadays almost everyone uses Facebook. You can use it to like photos, upload videos and to chat with people around the world. Now it isn’t possible to chat on you mobile phone through the normal Facebook app anymore. You need to download the Facebook Messenger app to chat with your friends. It turns out, that this is not without any danger.

That Facebook doesn’t care about the privacy of their users is nothing new. The social medium was often seen in the news about their dubious privacy policy, but now Facebook goes a step further with the new Facebook Messenger app. Some examples:

  • The app can edit, receive and read your text messages.
  • The app can read your own contacts.
  • The app can make phone calls without your permission.
  • The app can record sound from the microphone.
  • The app can take photos and videos with the camera.
  • The app can access your call history, including data about incoming and outgoing calls.

It is clear that if you use this app, you do not have any privacy anymore. Facebook comes up with a reaction, saying that they ask for similar permissions that many other messaging systems ask for. They are also saying that there is confusion about the permission requests because Android uses a different language to describe them.

That’s easy to say, but it is still questionable. Many people install the app without looking at the permissions and can now be overheard by Facebook.

The question is, will you continue to use the Facebook Messenger app? I believe Facebook is going too far this time. I removed the app right away.



2 thoughts on “Facebook is watching you

  1. The first thing in my mind reading this blog was “this can not be real”.
    I am a little bit shocked because I never heard before of this features of the Facebook messenger app.
    In other apps you need to “agree” with some terms and conditions, I did not get such a message with my latest update of Facebook messenger (or I clicked to fast through it).
    I will not use it anymore because of the app can by itself edit, delete, read, record etc. That’s way to much violating my privacy.
    That the app can make phone calls by itself is definitely the step that also for me the decision is simple, I deleted the app.

  2. Well, you did scare me with this… I already knew that Facebook doesn’t care indeed about the privacy of its users. I saw this very interesting documentary once. (For the ones who are interested, it’s called: When terms and conditions apply. It shows that while making an account on Facebook, you’re accepting the fact that they can use your data for other purposes. And I believe that if you don’t want any social media platform to use your data, you should not make an account in the first place. So that is why I don’t make a big deal out of that. I accepted the terms and conditions and therefore I strongly believe that I have to accept that Facebook is using my data. My argument here fore is that I don’t have anything to hide. And if you do have anything to hide, just simply remove your account. Or don’t post anything too personal on your account. Even though you have an account on Facebook and Facebook uses data from it, it is still in your power what you post on it.

    However, I do believe that Facebook should be more open about their privacy policy. Many people do not know what Facebook is doing with their apps. I didn’t know either that the app of messenger can use the microphone or camera in order to collect data they need. People need to be informed with this and I think this can be down with one simple message regarding everyone who is downloading this application. Despite all these things Facebook does with their apps, I am still using them. Honestly I am not a big fan of having multiple apps for the same purpose, I thought that having the function of messenger in the normal Facebook app was just perfect as it was. But I am still going to use them. The reason of this is the fact that I don’t have everyone’s telephone number. And some of my classmates do not use Whatsapp. Therefore this messenger app is a good outcome for us to still communicate. Often these communications are about University related subjects, so therefore it is necessary for us to have this messenger app. And that is why I will accept the fact that Facebook is in the position to use that data. Because I really don’t think that Facebook can do much with our deadlines to be honest.

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