Turning tech into a lifestyle

Sometimes I wonder what causes Apple to be a leader in almost any market they operate. The iPod, iPhone and iPad are each the top selling product by far for years in their department. But why? Is the competition that bad? Are there no devices with more capacity, speed and/or allure? The answer is no by a long stretch, which raises the question if success even depends on the product itself? And if it does how much. I mean I too have an iPhone, iPad and in the good old days an iPod, but if you ask me what was the deciding factor I would be guilty of an answer. Before purchasing these products I did research and multiple alternatives were available for just a part of the price Apple sells. So how did Apple managed to become market leader?

–       Focus: Instead of launching 10 devices per year such as Nokia, LG and Samsung Apple concentrates on one or two devices per year, increasing curiosity, attention and desire. ‘We do few things here at Apple, but we do it well’.  

–       Simplicity: ‘Make complex things simple’. This goes not only for the product’s user compatibility, but for the marketing ads, the layout and communication as well.

–       Be brave: ‘Never play safe’. Sometimes Apple will fail but trial and error and learning by doing is a key factor for success. Originality will always overpower improved content.

–       Maintaining reputation for trendsetting and social exposure: Apple creates, other companies edit and improve. The reputation as a trendsetter creates desire. Having an Apple product is regarded by some more as a fashion item than a functioning device.

Concluding one might say Apple turns technology into a lifestyle.

Why did or didn’t you buy an Apple device? 


One thought on “Turning tech into a lifestyle

  1. Well, personally I don’t have any Apple devices. The thing that makes Apple that succesfull is that everything is connected. If you have one Apple device, you can easily synchronize almost everything when you’ve bought another Apple Device. Besides, they create things exclusively for Apple devices, like chargers. By doing so, Apple kind of forces you buy the charger as well when you buy an Apple device. Just a month ago, Apple released a new charger which will be used by any new Apple devices from now on. This makes the consumer by that charger as well. Multiply that by many million Apple devices users and you understand that the Apple strategy makes them so profitable.

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