The comeback of B(l)ackberry messenger (BBM)

Last week on Facebook I saw many people posting messages such as “add me, new PIN 29E9114C!” and I thought ‘Since when is everyone using BBM again and why?’. So I googled and found that since last week BBM became also available for Android and iOs. In the meanwhile the amount of active users increased with 20 million people. Which makes a total of 80 million users.

Blackberry was the first who made it possible to send free messages by mobile phones. It became very popular among the youth and for some of them became The reason to buy a Blackberry, since BBM was only available for Blackberry. But then there came substitutes for BBM, such as WhatsApp and Facebook messenger, which could also be used on other smartphone then Blackberry. From this moment BBM became less and less popular.

So now they made the app available for iOs and Android as well, but Whatapp is still more populair with their 300 million users and other services are raising popularity as well.

What service do you use to send free messages and will you use BBM (again)?


3 thoughts on “The comeback of B(l)ackberry messenger (BBM)

  1. Suddenly, I realised people that are sharing their new BBM’s in my facebook, tweeter and even instagram page. I was really surprised as you, and thought that BB launched a new model to the market and it becomes so popular around the people. However, it was not possible, how can most of my friends purchase a new smartphone in a week? And which telephone can be amazing to reach this popularity in a week? So, I learned that BBM has been avaliable for ios and androids. I really wonder reason of the action of BB, so we know that in these days BB users have decreased, actually it is very difficult to still see BB users.
    Maybe, Thats why BB took this decide and launced BBM to every smartphone user.

    Before iphone, I used BB and the only reason was BBM. I was talking most of my friedns on BBM, it was so common. I dont know if BB gains any profit with this change, they can desire to boost BBM using. Or they are aware of that the company will crash so want to prove that everybody use BBM again. Maybe, this innovation is their last attempt. I dont use BBM yet, but I am thinking to use it again. Anyway, I dont believe that I will use BBM more than whatsapp.

    • I used to have a BB, but I bought it mainly because of BBM. The rest of the phone wasn’t good at all. After two months I switched to whatsapp, which I’m still using now by the way. So at that time I had a BB, which I bought for BBM reasons, but I didn’t use BBM anymore. Looking back, I should have bought an other phone back then 😉 People use the messaging application which is being used by their friends. So if all my friends suddenly start to use BBM from now on, and they ignore apps like whatsapp, then I will certainly switch to BBM. It’s a sort of group pressure. You want to be able to communicate with your friends, so you’re just using the application which creates the best opportunities to do so. Personally, I like the idea BlackBerry to gain more popularity in this way, but I don’t think that they will become more succesfull than whatapp.

  2. At the moment I use Line and whatsapp frequently for free messages. The reason I use it is because everyone that I know currently use these applications and they offered more features than BBM does; such as sticker feature from Line. I used to use BB frequently before I changed it to iPhone. In my home country, almost 80% of people that I know use BB instead of android or iPhone. The reason they use it, is because of BBM. But here in Netherlands, people use whatsapp instead of BBM and I rarely meet anyone who use BB. I knew that BBM launch their BBM app on iPhone and android, but I still don’t have any interest to download the app.

    Could it be that BB launch their application on iOs and android just to get their ‘customer’s heart’ back? Because if you look at 6 years ago, BB was the most popular gadget and even all celebrities own it (so everyone started to use it too). But it was years ago and the trend is changing. I also think that the popularity of whatsapp and Line will decrease sometimes soon, when the new breakthrough free messenger, which offer more fantastic features, is out.

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