Facebook may start tracking your cursor!

Facebook might soon be able to follow your cursor when you browse at Facebook. Facebook is allready tracking down your likes and comments on every post but this will maybe be the next way to gather data about you and the way you use Facebook. They will use this to see how long you hover your cursor over advertisements and also if you click on it (which allready happened). Facebook thinks this could help Facebook by engaging News Feed layouts and the use of advertisements on Facebook.

When this happens Facebook knows almost everything we are doing on the site and sees every move. This is very attractive to Facebook because they can make a lot of money with it, but what will it do with our privacy? They can allready read (if they want to) every single private message and now they will know what we will see on every moment.

What do you think about this? This also can be positive because we will see advertisements which we maybe like more and are more attractive to us. The privacy on Facebook is getting less and less so what would you like to see on Facebook? Do you want to see Facebook going completely commercial or don’t you?




2 thoughts on “Facebook may start tracking your cursor!

  1. First of all I think that it isn’t wrong that Facebook also sees your cursor. I mean they can already see everything so I think this will not be an extra big step. I think that they can improve their website wrought this because they can see more easily what kind of things on your Facebook newsfeed are attracting you. With this they can make Facebook more attractive to you and would you mind? Maybe this is a win-win situation, more money for Facebook through better allocated advertisements and a more attractive and interesting Facebook page for the users. So my opinion is that this little extra privacy reduction will give us also a advantage of a more interesting page which outweighs the disadvantage of the reduced privacy.

  2. I think privacy on the internet has been gone for quite a while already. If they want they can check your every move. I already see that when I for example have been searching on the internet for plane tickets to Spain, suddenly on every website where I go, banners and advertisements show me prices and sales offer for tickets to Spain. So if Facebook wants to do the same thing, go ahead. If that means that I won’t get any advertisements or banners with stuff I do not care about anymore, it’s all fine by me. We just have to be careful with what we post and do on the internet and what not to post and do, but I think that has always been the case.

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