Build your own phone! Project Ara

                ImageGoogle is set to launch, alongside Motorola, a Build your own phone project. This consists of people being able to choose the hardware and software required for them to choose the aspects of a phone they would like to have. Although the project had started by Motorolaover a year ago, they are keen on promoting the project.

The concept is to allow people to choose the way their phone looks in shape, size, color and extra external tweaks such as a camera or speaker, you name it. This allows many consumers to have the power in their choice, it seems like a very user friendly approach.


I think this is a creative idea, but I fear the actual reliability of the function of the phone. Will it last long? Considering that people’s choice affects the whole set up of the phone, not one phone can be easily manufactured over and over. Besides, considering that many people seek for a phone that works straight from the get go, like me, I wouldn’t want to invest on a phone in which I am not sure that there would a system shut down tomorrow.

It is an interesting idea, but something tells me not to trust it that much. But what do you think? Would you invest in such a phone?

Link :


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