“Nobody takes in life unless it comes through their smartphone”

So the other day I was just browsing around on YouTube when I came across this video. Some of you might know this man.

The guy being interviewed is Louis C.K. He’s a quite popular stand-up comedian and actor from the US.
Although he is known to be very cynical and ‘always hates life’ I think he does have a point.

Take for example a concert. You might have experienced this yourself. You see thousands of people photographing and filming during the entire concert, but how often did they (or yourself) actually watch the video? Besides lots of those ‘events’ people film and photograph will have a much better video that will be released and produced by professionals. So why do we do this?

Is it really that important to let other people know what we are up to?
Do we do this to boost our own ego by saying; look at me! Look were I’ve been!

Another comment on this perspective by the same Louis C.K. (and sharing some other thoughts on life in combination with smartphones)

P.S. Excuse me for his language 😉


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