now social media is saving the news industry

nowadays, with the development of social media, less and less people will get  news from the newspaper. Instead, social platform has become a new tool to get news everyday.

according to the research:

+ 50% of people have learned about breaking news via social media.
+ 46% of people get their news online at least three times a week.
+ As of 2012, online news revenue has surpassed print newspaper revenue.

in my opinion, there are several ways making that happen. first of all, the widely use of smart phone. almost everyone has a smartphone currently and someone even addict to it and even cannot live without it. thanks to it, the ‘digital news’ can easily get people’s attention from the smart phone instead of ‘old fashion’ newspaper.

on the other hands, the data above illustrates that social platform makes it happen as well. the reason why newspaper is called news is because it can let people get breaking news at the first time. however, social platform makes it even faster. people can get breaking news from the tweet or facebook faster than the newspaper. moreover, people can discuss about it with other immediately on the platform.

so do you guys still have the habits to read the newspaper?



6 thoughts on “now social media is saving the news industry

  1. I do still read the newspaper. Especially in the weekend, I prefer to have my breakfast while reading the newspaper. Although I have to admit that I check online news, on a daily basis. It is fast and since I always have my iPhone with me, I can easily check the latest news online. I also see some news circulating on social media, earlier than I see it in the newspapers online or on the television for example. So I do think that social media plays a key role here.
    There are many examples of people using social media themselves to let news spread quickly and to inform a lot of people about the news. One example is the golfer Lydia Ko who announced to go pro via social media. See link below.

  2. I think the newspaper is still a viable media, especially the free ones on the trains, because although everything is available through social media it is evident that certain percentage that use newspapers are those that rely on social media for news. But either way the same newspaper is digitized and it all depends on consumer preference, whether it is the Metro or Spits, you can choose what you prefer rather than take what you can get.
    Personally I read newspapers online and also find things out through Facebook. So I do think that news will spread faster and efficiently on social media website. Due to the enhancements such as mobile devices with cameras, people can film stuff for a news website such as CNN’s iReport.
    Moreover, we have seen some evidence of the role of social media during the Arab Spring, so either way social media plays a great role in delivering information fast , only question is if it is relaible or not we end up searching actual news sites for assurance.

  3. I am a huge fan of news sharing by social media. Each time when it comes to me, I have the opportunity to check recent news with my iPhone. For example when I am traveling by train, waiting for somebody etcetera. Personally, it is much easier than check out the news with a traditional newspaper. Simply because I don’t have always a traditional newspaper with me. By using my iPhone for recent news it is possible to stay up to date wherever you like, without you have to wait for the newsboy.

  4. I think nowadays there are still a lot of people who read the newspaper and have a subscription on one of the newspapers, so ones a week they get the newspaper delivered at home. Especially people above approximately the age of 65 read mainly newspapers. The more you take a look at an older age segment of the population the more people still read the newspaper, some of them don’t even have a smartphone, tablet, laptop or digital tv, so in this case the only way to stay informed is by newspapers and the journal on tv. I agree on the fact that news on your smartphone is much faster and I think in the future more and more people get their news from social media instead of newspapers. Look at children nowadays, most of the children in elementary school already have a smartphone.

  5. Yes, social media is much faster than newspapers that only come out 1 time a day. So that makes it more interesting to use social media as your news source. But in the weekends I still read the newspaper. Not only because its contribution to news but also because of the interviews, background readings and entertainment attachment. This makes reading more fun, simply because you have a paper version with all the information simply in hands. I also have a tablet which I use for reading the newspaper, but this are always just apps with limited functions.

    I believe that a combination of newspapers and mobile app supporting social media platforms will be the future of news sources. A bit of this and a bit of that will contribute maximum to a good provision of information. Also, the information in a newspaper is checked multiple times, where breaking news on social media is often partly or totally false. So again, the combination of social media and traditional newspapers can make a perfect provision of information.

  6. I have always been a fervent reader of newspapers. There were times I had multiple subscriptions. No more. Why?

    The internet has made journalists lazy; they stay in and check the current state of affairs online.
    Social media make it even easier to stay in the office, as the world is reporting to journalists what is going on. Or; what seems to be going on.

    For using the photoapps on our mobile phones, we know how easy it is to manipulate a picture. Movies (Wag the dog) and TV-series (Borgen, West Wing) show how spindoctors operate. If we want a glimpse of what is really going on, we need reporters to check the facts in the right places: on location. Social media can be what the telexmachine was in the old days, providing newsflashes that can be acted upon by checking.

    Because newspapers are hardly doing their jobs anymore, turning into opinionpages for people who have only their story to sell and copying the easybreezy journalism found in a lot of magazines, I canceled all my newspaper subscriptions. And I am not alone, judging by the declining amount of newspaper subscribers in the Netherlands.

    My message to newspaper journalists is: do your job. For I do miss the smell of ink and the pleasure of spreading out the pages to read for hours on end.

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