A Social Media powered car?

It’s official. I’ve seen it all! I can die happy now.


Apparently, teenagers these days don’t have enough entertaining tasks to perform, so they decided to build a vehicle that runs on social media shares, likes and mentions. Human creativity never ceases to amaze me. I still can’t decide if all the whacky inventors out there are pure geniuses or incredibly bored individuals. Either way, paint me fascinated.

Now, I’m no engineer. I’ve never been behind the steering wheel and I don’t have the slightest clue how a car works, but from my limited understanding, these teens made it so a battery is hooked to the car, which is also hooked to a tablet. Every time someone “likes” their Minddrive organization’s Facebook page, shares something on Twitter or Facebook or simply mentions it, it sends a signal with slowly charges the car’s battery allowing it to run for a little while. The plan being to make it from point A to point B by being powered by shares and likes, without crashing into a tree.

I knew social media had a huge impact on our daily lives, but this is beyond insane. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s awesome, but I still don’t have my damn flying cars and my jetpack. I shall demand them in every single blog I make, regardless of how many Facebook powered vehicles these bright students create.

Granted, their project is nothing revolutionary. It’s simply an electric car that gets charged the same old way, just slower and on cue. However, the creativity behind the idea is almost as brilliant as social media itself. If anything, it shows us that in today’s modern age, young people’s minds are working like clockwork, twenty-four-seven, always coming up with new ideas and helping us all evolve, at least mentally. And all of this is triggered by social media. The only question is: what’s next?

It better be flying cars and jet packs.







3 thoughts on “A Social Media powered car?

  1. This is quite an awesome development! This suggests that we can do way more with social media than we all think and it makes social media less virtual and more practical! Perhaps, we can even build or run planes or even houses in the future. You’ll never know what the future will bring to us.
    Have you ever heart of the Google car? It’s a car Google recently introduced and it is a self-serving car. Quite interesting! Google is even busy with connecting it to Google+, so that you can control your car via Google.com. How strange is that? It’s all in development, but who knows that we will all be driving in self-serving cars in the near future..

    • Indeed. And I did hear a few things about the self-driving Google car. They’re actually pretty far into its development and it looks like it’s going to be a “thing”. I read some projections about how much road accidents would be reduced and it’s insane. Much safer.

      I also know they’re working on developing special roads for such cars and the first prototypes are actually tested in The Netherlands, alongside roads that light up in the dark, when it’s cold little snowflake symbols appear on it, drops when the road is slippery and so forth.

      Crazy stuff.

      • It is a cool thing but it kind of reduces the fun of driving doesn’t it? I mean, we do not actually have to drive anymore? Moreover, I am almost certain that in the early stages of its introduction, the cars are very restricted in their movement (you can go either A or B, no C) similar to the metro of RET (minus delays I hope…). If something like this would actually be introduced, I would definitely not be the first one to have such a car. i would probably wait until the whole system is up and running (and when the cars are cheaper –> Dutch he:P)

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