Instagram, ads you may ‘like’

October 3th Instagram announced that they wanted to start with ads very soon. 


‘Shit, another social medium with those annoying ads’, you may think (if you’re even on it).  But Instagram is far more user friendly  than any other social media platform. On Instagram you’ll be able to hide ads you dislike and if you’re feeling crazy you can even provide feedback to Instagram why you didn’t like that ad.

Second positive point is the fact that Instagram is starting slow, they’re gradually adding sponsored pictures to your timeline from now on. So you have time to get used to it. 


On the other hand, Instagram is a Facebook company now (damn), so when you’re being very honest in what kind  of ads you like, they are in the position to get to know even more about you than they already do right now. Huge downside I think. 


Yesterday Instagram gave a few examples of how these ads will look like. I will show you guys one:



Looks pretty good right? Don’t know if I would like it but it wouldn’t bother me that much. 

People are making use of Instagram, for free, so using some discrete ads to show they’re worth their one billion dollars isn’t such a unreasonable idea I think.

Thanks for reading. Thoughts about these Instagram ads are welcome in the comment section;)


P.S @tingli sorry for posting during lecture and – even worse – not attending lecture. Had to get some vaccinations today for a trip to Thailand next month…




3 thoughts on “Instagram, ads you may ‘like’

  1. I am an active user of Instagram. As the number of people I follow has been increasing, it becomes more difficult to follow all the updates. Hence, from now I try to check just some friends’ pictures and I don’t scroll the timeline down as frequent as before. I guess that ads won’t be noticed by me 🙂 Actually I haven’t seen one yet
    Thank you
    Follow me in Instagram: elizarovnik

  2. I agree with the previous comment. I’m also an active instagram user (having an instagram nickname :P), I do like the fact that there are not that many advertisements at the moment. I also do not scroll down on my wall to check out all the pictures of my 398 friends on instagram. I just randomly select friends every now and then and check out their profile and like the pictures that I fancy.
    However, I think that instragram will change if they will focus too much on advertisements. Since I do not look that often on my wall, i won’t notice the advertisements there, but if they will change the concept and start posting advertisements above my profile or underneath comments, I will start disliking instagram way more.

  3. I think they will incorporate the ads in a pretty decent way: you can just scroll over them if you don’t wanna look at them. It’d be much more annoying if you have to sit through a 20 second commercial everytime you start up Instagram, or want to upload a photo yourself. Their approach is much more userfriendly and I, as an Instagram user, won’t really mind this type of advertising on my feed.

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