Facebook allows teenagers to post public

Facebook has changed its privacy settings for teens. Therefore they can post public.

By this changes it is possible for young Facebook-users to decide with whom they share their status. By default, a post is shared with friends, and users can specify with whom they want to share a post. Between the age of thirteen and seventeen when an update is shared public, young users be informed through an extra mention at privacy setting.

“Teens can cope very well with social media and want to be heard. Whether it comes to community involvement, activism or their opinion about a film. Therefore, users between thirteen and seventeen now have the ability to share their updates public”, although Facebook.

Adjust the privacy settings gives young people the opportunity to reach a larger audience. Goal of Facebook with this change is to compete with social networks like Twitter and Tumblr where many young people gather. In addition, teens can now turn on the monitor button, so users who are not their Facebook friend can monitor them. These followers see only public posts, as in case with all other users.

What is your opinion of this change? Are teens able to decided about their own privacy settings?



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