new ipad and ipad mini

Yesterday, apple had just announced new version of ipad and ipad mini. For the new version of ipad, they gave a new game for it which called “ipad air” because it was so light when comparing to the former version. it is at 7.5mm thick, and 1.9mm thinner than the latest version. Moreover, it has the same A7 chip as iphone 5S. The cammer was updated as well.

for the ipad mini, the most wonderful revolution is that now new ipad mini is with retina screen. With 2048×1536 pixels on a 7.9-inch screen, it will result in some of the sharpest images.

however, with the announcement of ipad and ipad mini, i am wondering is that really useful to improve? i mean, for me ipad and ipad mini is used for making our life more easier. and it has already done their job. with these kinds of new revolutions , the new ipad and mini cannot make it even better, the main function is as same as before. so is it really necessary to buy it since having one is enough.

tell me about your opinions.



One thought on “new ipad and ipad mini

  1. through these kind of revolutions people stay interested, and i think that is a really important note to this subject. If companies like Apple don’t innovate, others will and they will lose their high position on the market. If i just look at the addition of the new functions, then ‘no’ it’s not a big of a deal. If i had an iPad, i wouldn’t also buy an iPad mini because the new futures aren’t convincing enough to have two iPads. But i think there are enough people on this planet that will, especially the real Apple-lovers.

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