Google has launched the initiative to teach people about quantum computing by making a modification to the popular game Minecraft, called Qcraft. Minecraft became an indie-smash-hit and is still is being played by millions of gamers. This game is often compared to Lego because the game allows the players to build things with building blocks. A lot of creativity goes in this game where some players have actually build representations for famous buildings to space shuttles. Because of this creative potential Google decided that by making Qcraft a lot of smart creative kids could learn and experiment with quantum physics.
This example of Google displays an interesting movement in learning and experimenting with knowledge, namely gamification. A lot of people from the video game industry believe that gamiying education is going to be one of the important developments in the education system. I believe that gamfiying education has to potential to make education really engaging for the following generations of students and will make learning something which also is more of a creative process rather than just absorbing information. However, the education system is firmly rooted in the old styles of teaches dating from years back, so it will take a lot of time before gamification of education will become a more common thing. Hopefully, companies like google will keep thinking of ways to gamify education and thus ultimately contribute to making learning more fun and engaging.

Source: https://plus.google.com/+QuantumAILab/posts/grMbaaDGChH

For more information on gamication and gamifying enductions please view the amazing videos made by ExtraCredits:


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