LG’s commercial on Youtube

On September 2013, LG launched new ‘Ultra HD TV screen’. To promote this new product, LG chose social media, Youtube. They made several videos showing the quality of the new product. First video was about putting a screen in a male’s bathroom and see the reactions of the users, when beautiful women were showed through the screen, which seems like a window. This shows that the screen depicts realistically. 


The second video is about what’s happening in an elevator. The conductors make the floor of the elevator with Lg screens, and turn on the video showing it’s falling apart.


Finally, the last one is a prank held on a job interview. They first covered a window with screen and showed a video of an asteroid collision. 


Each video was a big hit on Youtube, and gained a lot of viewers. It is estimated that it has about 2,100,000 euros worth commercial, while the production cost was just one-third of the other average commercials. I think this strategy shows how to use social media efficiently.


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