Homework Assingment Open source

Homework assignment Nick Schouten Pirate Culture

Hello All,

This week I wrote my homework assignment about open sources.

The specific theme I focused on was Pirate Culture. You all know, I suppose, the platforms WikiLeaks and The Pirate Bay. These two were my examples I used for pirate culture. Pirate culture is online social contexts where people remixe, re-appropriate, share and re-circulate information. This culture takes place in groups, media projects, interventions and social networks that already exist or are specially formed to develop a different form of a dominant way of doing media. Pirate culture include radical citizen journalism, extremist media, remix culture, copyleft and peer-to-peer production

I discussed both platforms on what they actually do and how people can join in helping this open source get bigger. After that I explained the pros and cons about this two platforms and why one platform is better than another. After that I told the strenghts and weaknesses of both platforms.

Conclusion was that Wikileaks is less anonymous than The Pirate Bay, and thereby the threshold to join the Pirate Bay is less high than in the case of Wikileaks.


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