you may receive direct message from anyone on twitter

tweets, as a social media platform, used to let people to post things on Internet. it is like a “online diary” that allows people to record the things that happened and expresses your sadness and happiness. One thing different is that you can see what people do if you follow him or her but cannot send direct message in case of disturbing others’ life. However, recently some Twitter users found that  their accounts can receive direct messages from anyone, even if  people they don’t follow.

and one of the twitter users has posted a new photo of his setting, which shows that twitter can actually choose to allow to receive strangers direct message or not.Image

in my opinion, i think this option may not that usefull for all the tweeters. someone may get benefit if they post on twitter that they want to buy or sell something. however, personally, i just do not think people like to receive direct message from strangers and that would definitely disturb people’s life since it makes this function not private any more. so what do you guys think of it, or do you like to receive a lot of direct messages from people that you do not know.



One thought on “you may receive direct message from anyone on twitter

  1. I think the biggest thing what you forgot to mention is that you have the choice to receive these messages. If you don’t want messages from people you don’t know you can shut it off, and on the other hand is you do want to receive these messages you turn it on. I also think most people don’t want to receive things from strangers and it would disturb people’s life’s. Privacy is a big issue nowadays, but as long as you have a choice it can do no harm.

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