In this post I want to talk about women. In particular, the precence and roles of women in tech: it seems that IT business world is far from being gender equal.

It’s a matter of fact that the Silicon Valley has to face up a male chauvinistic way of thinking. A awkward episode concering Twitter can be explanatory. Last Saturday, Twitter’s CEO pushed back against criticism of the company’s apparent lack of female higher-ups with an ad hominem attack against one of its critics.

This is what happened: when last week Twitter’s list of board members, executive officers and investors released in its IPO filing featured only one woman, Claire Cain Miller, a New York Time reporter, wrote an article about women executive position and male chauvinistic thinking. This article is enriched with the opinion of Vivek Wadhwa, a professor at Stanford’s Rock Center for Corporate Governance who is writing a book on women in tech, who told the reporter: “It’s the same male chauvinistic thinking. The fact that they went to the I.P.O. without a single woman on the board, how dare they?”. This was Mr Costolo react:


Instead of addressing Wadhwa’s point, Costolo compares him to Carrot Top, a comedian generally criticized for being excessive and irritating. I do not think this can be acceptable.

The way the story develops shows that the masculinist way of thinking (as well as the impoliteness Mr Costolo demonstrates) is ingrained in the IT environment. Do you think Twitter should have done something, like take a different position from Costolo’s one? Do you think that the ‘women issue’ is a widespread problem through the IT word or not?





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