Homework assignment week 6: ‘Diffusion and social influence’

On this weeks topic ‘diffusion and social influence’ I came up with two examples in relation to this topic. The first is Coca-Cola with their ‘Share A Coke’ campaign. I expect that everybody knows it but with this campaign you can press a tag on your can of bottle of coke of find one with a name in the supermarket. Coca-Cola archived very much extra presence on their Facebook page though the campaign. Big strength is that people like personalising things and specially unexpected products like a can/bottle of Coke, which created a big buzz on the social media. But there were very little chances to really make your own tag because there were only a few teams traveling though the country with these machines.


The other example is the ‘Must See Map’, which is the possibility for a traveller to send invitations to Facebook-friends to share their recommendations for a specific location with you on a map. Strength is that these recommendations are very reliable for the user. But this campaign didn’t get that much attention compared with Coca-Cola. With this concept KLM lets you simply understand the principles of social influence.


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