Heartbeats Or Passwords?

Hello everyone,

There have been numerous articles written about how it is expected that our heartbeats might eventually replace passwords on numerous devices, such as smartphones and tablets and how our heartbeats might even be used to unlock cars. A device that can do this, is currently being developed by a Canadian company, called Bionym.

This new invention, could prove to be a great success, as passwords can easily be lost or forgotten. In addition, when written down, passwords can lead to theft. Identity theft is a million-dollar enterprise, and I was surprised to discover that “Password” is still the most common and popular password that people use! However our own heartbeats are a type of identification that cannot be forgotten or lost. Furthermore, a person’s heartbeat cannot be replicated, as a person’s heartbeat depends on the position of their heart in their chest, in addition to the size and the shape of their heart. A person’s heartbeat is said to be 99% accurate.

The Nymi Wristband (pictured below), is the product Bionym are currently working on. The wristband is designed to monitor the pattern of the wearers heartbeat, and through this can wirelessly unlock smartphones, tablets, cars and and gaming consoles.  In addition, the wristband may eventually be used as a replacement of the credit card PIN number, when shopping.

Nymi wristband

So what do you all think? Do you believe that a person’s heartbeat is a solution to the problems associated with the unreliability of passwords?  Will the Nymi wristband stop all future stealing and hacking of people’s passwords? Or will traditional passwords remain, as there is always the ability to change a password whenever required?


2 thoughts on “Heartbeats Or Passwords?

  1. i think this heartbeats thing is really cool! i really want to have it cause it saves a lot of time on finding the password back. however, even this is a nice thing which may be paid attention by the customers, it still would take a lot of time for people to get use to it. moreover, nowadays people would set one password for almost all things, in this case, it may decease the possibility of forgetting the password.

  2. Hi! Interesting blog you posted! I didn’t actually know that the heartbeat of people is so unique. It’s a really interesting topic for the future, as it’s quite similar to the fingerprint-unlock option for the new iPhone and the eye-scanners at airports. Maybe this is still a liitle beyond peoples imagination; unlocking things and entering accounts with your heart! But yeah, it’s a future solution to these common things in daily life. Your password can be stolen or forgotten, your car keys can be stolen, etc. This personal wristband can be the solution for all of this. I can’t think of a way hackers and criminals can misuse this new invention, so that would be great. But I think it is just something for the far future, because making your car, house, credit card, tablet, smarphone and gaming console listen to your personal heartbeat is not an easy job!

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