Disney’s Touchscreen Breakthrough

I have just read an article about how Disney has discovered a way for people to “feel” the texture of certain objects/ images on a flat touchscreen.The technique involves sending small vibrations through the display that allows people to “feel” edges, bumps and ridges of an object. Disney believe the vibration-generating algorithm is easy to add to existing touch screens.

I personally think that this is an exciting breakthrough, which could lead to numerous opportunities for Disney and their products. This is because it is well-known that children enjoy and learn through touching objects and physical movement. I believe that children would love to be able to “feel” what certain objects feel like, rather than just seeing them on a screen.

It would be interesting to know other student’s thoughts? Do you think that this is a significant breakthrough for Disney, and could be a beneficial discovery for their numerous products? Do you believe that children would enjoy the sensation of being able to touch and “feel” the texture of what they see on screen?


One thought on “Disney’s Touchscreen Breakthrough

  1. I found this discovery very interesting, but I’m a little bit scared as well. I think that it would be great to touch your smartphone or pad screen and be able to ‘feel’ the texute of things and objects, but I do prefer the real world. And I don’t think Disney can develop any application that could replace the feeling of having a plush in your hands, expecially for a kid. Kids are supposed to discover the world by themselves, not watching or feeling it on a screen.
    But I think that a lot of app developers would be very interested in this discovery: can you imagine how many games and entertaining apps would benefit from this kind of characteristic? I think in this way, apps can become more and more appealing to users.

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