Google Glasses – Awesome or Awful?

Hi all!
Maybe you have already heard something about Google’s ongoing project called Google Glass. For several years now, they have been working on a set of glasses that would incorporate your social media life into it and give you the opportunity to be instantly connected to all your friends. If you do not know what it is, this trailer of Google demonstrates it pretty well:

The thought behind the project is that because technology can be really intrusive and distracting in your daily life, it should be brought closer to you, according to the project director Steve Lee. In that sense, you would get technology out of the way but still wear it.

If you are interested, this video is an interview with the project directors of Google Glass, while the interviewer tries the product on himself. They explain in short what the main thought is behind the project.


Google Glass is a topic on which a lot of opinions will probably diverge. The product is a paradox within itself; we want to get technology out of the way, but actually we even integrate it deeper into our lives.

I was wondering what you all were thinking about it. Personally, I find them really awesome on the one hand if you look at the possibilities with the glasses. Also, the main technologies are already existing, but currently we are using them on our smartphones. If we would be using them on our glasses, it might indeed get technology a bit out of the way; no more annoyance about that friend that is always glancing down on his/her phone during your conversation.

On the other hand, now that same friend might be talking to the glasses to order it to find something out while you are having a conversation. Is that really better? People walking around in the streets, talking to their high-tech glasses?

So, what do you think? It is an awesome concept for its new possibilities, or is it awful for making technology even deeper ingrained in our daily lives?


5 thoughts on “Google Glasses – Awesome or Awful?

  1. I have mixed feeling about these glasses. On the one hand it seems cool to be able to look at something and be given a lot of extra information. To look at the Eiffeltower and get all data when it was built, how much iron was used and, of course, how high the thing really is. On the other hand, how cool is it when Google glass makes it possible to look at someone while all kinds of personal information about the person pops up in my view too? It would mean I am already biased without having even spoken to you yet? Google glass could change human relations in a way we wouldn’t want them to be changed.

  2. I think Google Glass is something really new and most of the people should get used to it. Right now it’s the quickest way to share your life with the world, and that’s why it’s so important for the development for social media I think. It’s also a very handy way of make life a lot easier by making pictures without using your hands for example. But like mentioned in the comment above, it’s important to draw a line for privacy reasons. Not every information you want to have about one person should be available in seconds by just asking it your Glass. By keeping privacy issues in hand, Glass can grow to a very important product

  3. I agree with all of the above comments. Although Google Glass is an amazing technological breakthrough, and highly innovative, I am concerned about privacy issues. I think the majority of people would feel incredibly uncomfortable, if a person could source all sorts of information about you, just by wearing the glasses. I think their needs to be strong privacy measures implemented, in order for this product to be successful. In addition I do think it would be very odd if you were talking to a person, why they might be searching for information or doing something else with the glasses on.

  4. It can not be denied that google glass is high of innovation, it is absolutely advanced technology. Cause it is quiet new technological product that fewer substitutes, people would like to try new things. To some extend, it is very convenience for daily life. However, when it comes to personal privacy issues, google glass probably will make some embarrassing situation which will destroy relationship among people. So in my opinion, Google should improve the privacy aspects of google glass into a better customer-using good.

  5. Thanks all for replying!
    I agree with Ellen that it can completely change human relationships in ways we might not desire. However, concerning the privacy issues; you control yourself what you put online, right? I do not think the Glasses can gather and display more information about you than you have put online yourself. For instance, if your Facebook account is set on private, the Glasses will not suddenly be able to see through that and show the person wearing it your complete timeline.
    Still, I do agree that it can create some embarrassing situations. When you are meeting someone for the first time, you might not want them to immediately know every social media platform you are on or about that comment you posted on a funny YouTube video. Where will the mystery of meeting someone new go?
    Someone mentioned that it can also be very convenient in daily life. I was meeting with a friend yesterday who broke his arm, and indeed, Google Glasses would be very convenient for him now! So maybe it would serve more functions to disabled people as well.

    What do you think? Am I wrong about the privacy issue? Are the benefits of Google Glasses outweighing the drawbacks?

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