Niche social network sites (homework assignment)

The subject of my homework assignment is ‘niche social network sites’. These are SNS’s in a particular niche. For instance, there are websites where you can make a profile for your cat or dog (Catster, Dogster). I tried to find some interesting niche networks which few of us have ever heard of.

The first one is called REMcloud. It works pretty much the same as Twitter, but instead of telling the world what you are doing, you tell the world what your dream was about. You can connect with people who had similar dreams as yours and there’s a section in which you can see the global dream trends.

The second niche network I found was by far the most interesting I found. This website is called Line for Heaven. Basically, it is just what the name suggests. Once you are registered, you make a profile, tell the rest of the world why you are worthy to go to heaven and then you’ll be put on a line for heaven. You can climb up in the line by collecting ‘karma points’. These points can be earned in several ways: blessing other people, ‘spreading karma’ by inviting friends, donating, confessing your sins, support a social cause, etc. It’s pretty funny how some of these examples work. For instance, you will earn 5 immediate ‘karma points’ if you cleanse your ‘soul’. The only thing you have to do is writing both your confessions and why you should be forgiven and then you get 5 points immediately. Then your peers will judge whether you should be forgiven or not. Once you have enough forgives, you will earn another 25 ‘karma points’. Your ‘karma points’ represent your worthiness. Every Sunday at 7PM it is ‘Judgment Day’. The first in Line for Heaven (considered as most worthy person that week) will become an ‘Angel’, inducted into Heaven, and One Degree from God. Furthermore, users who have acquired the most ‘karma points’ on a daily basis are allowed to touch Heaven. Line for Heaven also has a feature that allows you to rapidly browse through profiles with ‘God’s Eye View’. Last but not least you can meet and talk with like-minded people through the ‘Soul to Soul’ messaging feature. 

Check these sites out yourself, it’s fun!


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