Homework Week 4 – Engaging costumers and prosumers

Hi guys, I totally forgot about the blog post for my home work assignment last week. So let’s look back a little. I wrote my homework assignment about engagement. I found an article about engagement on mashable.com.

It states that engagement has no clear definition and every company has to use it in a different way. ‘Engagement is a practice not a goal.’ What they mean by this sentence is the fact that you can get 50.000 likes on your Facebook page for example, but if you don’t know how to use that engagement data, it’s useless.

My two examples were about Facebook and Pinterest.

Facebook recently started using daily data to measure user engagement instead of monthly data. This is useful in measuring engagement and selling this to advertisers.

Pinterest saw a high growth of user engagement in time spent on site. The interesting thing here is to know why users spent more time with the content of Pinterest.

Thanks for reading!


Home Assignment 348360 – Engagement




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