Campaigns on Facebook

First of all: ‘What makes Facebook campaigns successful?’.
A few factors are important for success (Li & Soonius,2012):
– Posting a minimum number of campaigns in a given day.
– Including photos, videos and/or links.
– Focusing on getting Likes and Polls.
– Posting on Monday, Thuesday and Wednesday, around 11:00, 15:00 and 20:00.
– Not posting campaigns in the weekend and between 14:00-15:00.

One of the most successful Facebook campaigns is Volkswagen the Netherlands’ Fanwagen campaign.

embed code:

This Co-creation campaign looks attractive and is also creative with the Facebook functionalities on the car.
The weak side of this campaign that not everyone has the time to create their own design.

Another successful campaign is the Ford Explorer Facebook campaign. Ford launched its new 2011 Ford Explorer on Facebook instead of at an auto show, as the first car company who used social media to reveal their new model.

When Ford reached 30,000 fans one of the Ford fans got a free Explorer.
Ford did a good job by revealing information stepwise. They promoted their campaign on websites and launched the virtual Auto-show on Facebook 6months before the car was available to buy, so the Ford fans became all warmed up!

Is your social media strategy effective? An empirical study of the factors influencing the success of Facebook campaigns. – Li, T. and Soonius, G. (2012)

Fanwagen Facebook Car by Volkswagen – Hypenotice

Ford shares its new 2011 Explorer with the world by unveiling it on Facebook – Facebook success stories


One thought on “Campaigns on Facebook

  1. I just want to add a couple of comments. I believe that those things you’ve writter are maybe factors importatnt to success but my opinion that is doesn’t necesarilly have to be like that anymore. Everthing is now changing so rapidly especially in social media space.

    I thing it’s always easier to analyze things backwards and name factors that successful campaing had in common. The thing I wanted to point out is just that you can’t now predict the future anymore and say this campain worked yesteday because we did x and y so that means it will work today.

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