Hi! Many people post blogs with concerns towards the privacy of people on the Internet (like the LinkedIn post) and this video I saw a year ago sums up my thoughts on the subject. I think it’s all about a mindset, when you become aware that everything you put on the Internet is “one click away” for everyone who is more tech-savvy you just consent to what is happening and you work your way around it. No PayPal account until you really need one, no drunken pics on Facebook, no personal information shared on anything that uses Internet. It’s not about being scared to death of someone stealing your information, just put it on with caution.

I’m not saying it’s right to use the information people have, but this is how it has always been! Because Internet connects. It shares. It’s available to “everyone”. You information is by now not on one or two servers. Sites of anti-terrorist campaigns have been removed, but if you have the skills you can still find them “out there”, online.

I thought this is a very powerful video that shows the reality of the Internet.

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Hello there and thanks for stopping by! I'm a market researcher, a painter, a photography enthusiast and maybe a blogger-wanna-be. I love a company with good webcare. I come from Sofia, a gorgeous old city and the capital of Bulgaria but I have lived in creative Rotterdam and probably capital of architecture in The Netherlands for 4 years where I did an International Bachelor in Communication and Media and a Master in Media and Business. I like analyzing and discovering companies' corporate legitimacy and long-term image strategies. I also like traveling and I'm fascinated by social media and its relationship with businesses. I should probably describe what this blog is about but I am having trouble doing so for two reasons: (1) I'm not sure yet and (2) I don't want to put limits to it. My studies have been rather broad, as well as my interests and this blog is rather an expression of a part of me. Please feel free to stick around and share your interests and opinions with me. Iana :)

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