3 Habits of Highly Successful Social Media

<a href="” title=”3 Habits of Highly Successful Social Media”>3 Habits of Highly Successful Social Media

I recently found a video about making successful social media successful. In this video, the presenter shared with us 4 tips. He first pointed out that social media is all about digital presence and engaging with market.


The first tip is Keep it in Context. There are so many devices and channels nowadays we use to connect people, we must make sure the message we send is suitable for the channel. Sometimes not the message itself should be focused on, but also the manner in which they are being used.

The second point is to Use Data to Make Decisions. Choosing the right tool get correct information is key, as different tool are designed for different purpose. What’s more, for successfully making decision, we have to set correct criteria of success, like 500 likes means success.

The third tip is to Be Your Audience. It is highly recommended to engage with your audience or customers, to become an active member in their conversation,

Last but not least, we should Engage Specifically. Not every customer is of the same importance. We should use some social media tools to figure out the ones talking about us the most, and than get them involved into our social media strategy, and connect with their followers.


I think the tips are quite useful, it does provide me some guild in using social media. What do you think?



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