Advertise on Instagram?!

Last week, Instagram announced their plan of finally earning some money. With advertising! 

After all these years of online innovation, advertising is still the only sustainable source of income for most of the social media platforms.Because social media platforms are not really emerged for real commercial reasons, but just out of the need of the founder of the platform. Because of that, Instagram first had to think about what he could offer to potential advertisers. Finally he came up with the mission of “to capture and share the world’s moments”.

There are already a few examples of Instagram used for marketing purposes. I want to highlight the example of Mercedes Benz. Last summer Mercedes Benz USA contracted 5 top Instagram-photographers with at least 500.000 followers to drive around with their newest model CLA and make photos of their roadtrip and upload it on Instagram with the hashtag #clatakethewheel. The results for MB USA:
–          Growth of own Instagram Followers from 8.000 to 26.000
–          90 million impressions of the photos of the five photographers.
–          More than 1.5 million likes

How to convert Instagram-followers into customers.

  1. Approach your followers as your inner circle
  2. Make a hotspot of your store
  3. Follow your fans

If this is the mission of Instagram, I think it’s hard  to put something commercial between world’s moments, without scaring users.

Advertising on Instagram will start in 2014. Would you consider advertising on Instagram if you were a company? Why/ why not?


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