Social Media Mistakes & Mix-Ups

During our classes, we’ve seen a lot of examples of social media fails of companies and individuals. Today I’d like to share some other examples of social media mistakes and mix-ups of celebrities and businesses, all together in a very neat Infographic (how convenient!). The last example also shows how a mix-up can be saved.

What would you have recommended the abovementioned celebrities or businesses to recover professionally and thereby minimizing the damage?


One thought on “Social Media Mistakes & Mix-Ups

  1. This is funny. I think everybody should use social media very thoughtfully. we have to realize that every single word we say, no matter good or not, would be known by others or even spread all over the world, especially those celebrities. when average people make mistakes, people laughed it off; but when celebrities make mistakes, people laugh at it, judge it, spread it. the mistake will be magnified million times. so celebrities should watch out their behavior online extra carefully.

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