Homework assignment week 3

For the homework assignment I found two examples of companies who use social media marketing. The first one is the Pizza Hut, who launched a app to make your own pizza with your iPhone, iPad or Xbox. You can make your own pizza by adding toppings of their choice onto a graphical pizza base. After creating the pizza, the iPhone would the search for the Pizza Hut location which happened to be the nearest. This app was a great success and after a few months Pizza Hut’s pizzas order via this app resulted in $1m.

The other example is Ford with its Fiesta Movement campaign. they counted on 100 bloggers to introduce the new Fiesta. The idea: a target audience will drive the new model and chatter about it. Targeted people are social-media trendsetters who will share their experience behind the wheels, posting video’s and updating their friends and followers etc.

I’ve compared these examples with the three social media objectives in the article of Hoffman&Fobor. To make use of this, it became clear that these examples were successful because of these objectives. For example both examples gain more brand awareness. Pizza Hut by the use of his app and Ford by the bloggers who posted about the Fiesta and people who read this posts. The awareness and engagement leaded to word of mouth in both cases resulting in a increased sales of Pizza Hut and the launch of the app on Xbox. At Ford this resulted in second Fiesta Movement campaign, which will be even more bigger and more challenging by the use of more user generated content platforms. Homework Assignment Week 3 Marion Passchier


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