Shocking pictures on social media

On social media platforms you come across shocking images. Some worse than the other, but there are a few pictures that took over the world. These were so shocking that many people shared them online.

The first photo was taken in New Delhi, India. It’s a shocking image of a young woman pointing a gun at the head of a young child. The persons on the photo are unknown, but have been shared over a hundred times on social media. The photo came online in august web users are trying to identify the pair to alert the authorities.

The picture does not show if the gun is real or just a toy gun. It may not be more than just a foolish moment. We can only speculate what may be the truth.


The second photo shows a man with a gun next to a dead elephant. It was the CEO of the GoDaddy group in America, named Bob Parsons. The web was in shock after seeing this picture and a video Bob released of him shooting an elephant. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) responded by shutting down its GoDaddy account. Outraged customers also shutted down their account by the tens of thousands. GoDaddy now has a new CEO, named Warren Adelman.


Another shocking story that made the head of the newspapers is about congressman Anthony Weiner. He tweeted a photo of himself in underwear to a college student named Gennette Cordova. Initially he claimed his tweeter account was hacked, but because of the great commotion he had to resign.


This photo shows tweets from FOX and NBC tweeting that president Obama has been assassinated and that ground zero had been attacked. Both networks were hacked by the hacking group Skript Kiddies. FOX and NBC quickly removed the tweets.


As you can see there a many examples of shocking pictures on social media. These platforms create a superfast communication between thousands of people. An innocent message meant for one person can reach to millions. I think you definitely should think twice before you post something on the Internet, especially when you have a high position in society. People judge quickly and your career can be ruined as you can see in example three.


One thought on “Shocking pictures on social media

  1. In do think that you have to think twice before you put any pictures on the social media. Even if it is a picture of yourself, which you think is nice.
    There are so many people on the internet that use social media, and not all of them have a good meaning in using it. Think about people who can use your photo’s for everything they like.
    I think that the events in your blog are not so bad at all. I think that people have a certain freedom in the social media world, to choose what they want to post on it and what not. So, who are we to judge them? If they are still good in (for example) their profession?
    What I found more shocking are the One Direction fans on twitter. Last week I read something about it. One fan was so obsessed by the band that she wanted to be followed by them on twitter. “Follow me or I’ll break my dog’s neck.” she wrote on a post, accompanied by a picture of her dog.
    One Direction dind’t followed her, so she killed her dog.. She posted a picture of her pushing down the dog to the floor. This was not the only incident that happened. She also posted pictures of animals in blenders and dogs with guns to its head, implying that if she didn’t get more followers, she will kill these things.
    Some say that this is not real, and that she basically did it only to get attention from the boyband.

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