Summary of homework on Social Commerce

Every year the trend of social media is rising. Almost a decade after the first social media platform, a new concept was introduced. Social commerce. It is e-commerce’s backbone and was presented after the extensive use of social media, especially through Facebook and Twitter. The sources I found gave me a better overview of the social digital area, by providing me with information about the technical and social background that are needed in order for social commerce to run smoothly.  Furthermore, I was impressed by the amount and size of firms that are engaged in social commerce and by their strategies too, due to the fact that they were the first in the field and they had to develop pioneer approaches. In addition, social experience of each company is crucial to attract potential customers in order to make them continue using your website and having a good relationship quality. Social commerce is the future to our online shopping. Without that complex grid in the virtual worlds, social commerce would not be able to be functional. We should see it as the evolution of e-commerce and not as a concept that is completely new. 



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