What would you left when you die?

Lately I was watching the Dutch program ‘Editie Nl’ in which they introduced a new application that can be used in combination with Facebook. With this app ‘Fast Will’, you can split up your belongings to your friends and family on Facebook for whenever you die. The item that you want to give to your friend of family member can only be seen by them. (Facebook will place it on the wall of this person)

I personally think it’s a bit shady.. I think death is not something that has to do with Facebook or anything that can be placed on the world wide web. The men who developed the app say it’s not shady at all. They want to make death into a subject that makes people talk with eachother. They think it’s beautiful to know if you get an boat or a bike of a friend if this friend will pass away. Off course, this app makes death more open to discussion, but I doubt if this is the new way of making up a testament.

In  the future the makers want to make it more professional, as it is not legal yet to make up your testament like this. (You still need to write it on paper, including a date and singature).

I was wondering if it is really possible to use this app in the future. Do you guys think that this can be the future? Or do you think that these ‘serious subjects’ do not have to be showed on Facebook?

This link shows the promotionvideo about the app: http://www.rtlnieuws.nl/editienl/verdeel-je-erfenis-facebook



3 thoughts on “What would you left when you die?

  1. I do not think that I would make my will using an app like this one. First of all, it is not even an official will that you create using the app. Secondly, I would not want my friends to be notified what they will get from me via Facebook (even though it is a private message). I firmly believe in the old-fashioned official paper notification. Thirdly, for me it just does not feel right. Maybe in the future – when this app (or something similar) will have an official status – I might consider using it. However, now it just feels to futuristic for me.

  2. I don’t think that anyone should use this app, and I hope that savvy can prevent us to see this app in use. I don’t think that this is a metter of ‘serious’ or ‘shallow’ subjects that you can or can’t feel confortable to talk about on Facebook. Everyone can use his/her own Facebook account as he/she preferes (as lolng as it is legally permetted), but there should be a boundary line between confidential information (as your testament) and public information.
    I do not really feel confortable with this app.

  3. At this point I do not think I would use the app, but I certainly think there is a future in it. In The Netherlands the costs to make a will cost up to €750,- which, for lots of people, is a reason not to make a will (1). As a consequence dividing the inheritance causes lots of misery in 25% of all families (2). So the application would be a easy and affordable way to make sure your inheritance will be divided the way you want it and it will prevent lots of misery. On the other hand the Facebook posts on the wall of the inheritors are not ethical, but with some adjustments I think this app may get a chance in the future.

    1. http://www.123geldzaken.nl/schenken-erven/testament-opmaken-kosten/
    2. http://nieuwsuur.nl/onderwerp/457592-erfenissen-bron-van-familieruzies.html

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