Confessions on social media.

“I killed a man” is what Matthew Cordle (22) said in a recent YouTube video. He confessed driving drunk and killing a man on June 22, 2013. The video was published by a non-profit organization “because I said I would” five days ago, and has reached over 1 million views already.

Why are so many people confessing crimes through social media nowadays? Yes, the message reaches everyone, and through that way culprits can be caught easier too, but why confess a crime on the Internet?

In my opinion there are two ways or possible reasons why people decide to confess their crimes through social media. First, to express their regret and maybe explain the world why they committed such crime or to bring a message forward. Second, to brag about it? I know that sounds awful, and I do not understand why someone would do that, so I am still not quite sure about that second reason. Though, I wonder why anyone would post a gruesome picture of a dead body on Facebook for everyone to see it, and even share it…

Going back to the first reason. Matthew Cordle asked “because I said I would” for help, “a social movement dedicating to bettering humanity through the power of a promise”. He expressed his regret and promised he would take full responsibility of what he did. In addition, he sent out a message by begging viewers not be the same as him, and not drink and drive.

Personally, I found this video very meaningful. It is in no way saying his actions are ok, despite the fact he says he regrets it or promises to take responsibility. However, I find the message meaningful, because even though Matthew knew he had made a mistake, he still tries to tell people not to make the same mistake as him and he/because i said i would does that through an effective way: social media. There is nothing he can change anymore, but at least he tries to make a difference.

For that reason, I think it is okay to confess through the use of social media, to send out a meaningful message. Yet, there are so many other confessions on social media, and for whatever reason that is, I don’t always understand. For example, last month, a man confessed murdering his wife and then posted a horrible picture of her body for the whole world to see, it was shared rapidly afterwards.

What are your thoughts about confessing crimes on social media? Do you understand why people would share such terrible crimes on the Internet? What about Matthew Cordle, was this video a good idea? It could be seen controversial though, as “because I said I would” responded to comments saying it was not praising Matthew Cordle as a “hero” for his decision to confess. Last of all, how is the confession to the killed man’s family? Feel free to leave a comment, I am very interested in what you think!
p.s. : if you have some spare time left, check out “because i said i would“. I find it a great initiative as it helps people make, fulfill and share their promises online 🙂


One thought on “Confessions on social media.

  1. I think that people who confessed their crimes through the social media did it because they want to feel empathy of other people. Since most people are going to be judged for their crimes anyway since ‘you can never hide the truth’, they probably try to tell a good story or at least try to tell a ‘never-do-this’-story to another person in a sense that they will receive a lower sentence as they try to help others not to make the same mistakes as they did which is also a good thing but it really depends on the way you transfer your message, for example: sharing the pictures of your death wife that’s not the way you should share your confessions that’s just too cruel for the world to see.

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