2 thoughts on “A new hero (?)

  1. Well, thank you for this nice post. I haven’t heard about such systems yet, it seems to me very impressive and quite smart.
    However, I’m not quite sure that “Emotive” is going to become effective one. What I mean is that as soon as the system is widely implemented and announcment about its implementation appears in media, people who use social media/networks in unnormal way probably will create new “dictionary” or slang to communicate. Anyway, they will find the method to avoid the “Big Brother”: either it is a new “invisible” language or web-site which is not supervised by the system.
    On the other hand, “Emotive” may at least reduce the effect of criminal or dangerous content impact.

    Talking on privacy, I guess that the method of collecting data which is based on averge mood of nation as it was written in the post above and it doesn’t imply collecting personal data. In my opinion, if you tweet something it means you want to say something to the whole world probably, otherwise you wouldn’t do that. From that point of view, privacy is not violated.

    Hope to hear your thoughts!

    • Thank you for your comment, I agree with what you said that you weren’t sure if ‘Emotive’ is going to be an effective one and that people may try to avoid this system by using other words to communicate which is an very intersting thought and for now ‘Emotive’ can at least reduce the effect of crininal of dangerous content spread through the social media in the UK as a trial period. Besides, let’s hope that ‘Emotive’ is going to be more sophisticated later on. Next to that, thank you for your thought concerning the privacy.

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